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Best VFX Software you should learn

The trend of using hi-end visual effects is picking up pace around the world. VFX software has become the go-to solution for creating stunning visual effects in movies and videos. VFX stands for visual effects software that is mainly used for creating, enhancing, or editing imagery. These effects are useful for industries like media and entertainment where […]


Unreal Engine 5

Recently on May 13 Epic Games have Released Unreal Engine 5. Developers can be able to use it in the late next year to develop games in the latest generation consoles including the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Even unreal engine 4 is five years still it is one of the best game […]

What is After Effects and Fusion?

Adobe After effects is totally layer-based software. It can able to do compositing, creating motion graphics, typography, and video editing, etc. Whereas Blackmagic Fusion is totally node-based software same as a nuke. But it’s able to make advanced compositing when compare with after effects. Fusion is mainly used for composting, paint, rotoscoping, and even the […]

Maya vs Blender

What is Maya? Maya is one of the best 3D models in the film and animation industry. It contains a large number of tools for animation, Dynamic simulation, Texturing, and modeling. Maya can be used for creating high poly and low poly 3d models. This 3D software is very popular in the VFX  industry and […]