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The trend of using hi-end visual effects is picking up pace around the world. VFX software has become the go-to solution for creating stunning visual effects in movies and videos.

VFX stands for visual effects software that is mainly used for creating, enhancing, or editing imagery. These effects are useful for industries like media and entertainment where capturing a real event is practically impossible. The VFX artist uses a bunch of digital tools and software to process a scene or imagery and add some visual effects to them for real-life experience.

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Let Us See the best VFX software's one by one.

Autodesk Maya

When it comes to 3D modelling Autodesk Maya is one of the best software to use. High Poly and Low Poly 3D models can be done in this software. When it comes to Rigging and Character animations this is very good software in the film industry.

For Compositing & 3D Motion Tracking

Until now Nuke and Nukex is the best software in the industry at present for compositing and 3d tracking with the help of Autodesk Maya 


For photorealistic render quality Vray and Arnold renderings are being used in the industry. Most of the film industries are using Maya Arnold render.

Many studios are using Maya and thus the best consideration. Once you learn Maya, you will be able to learn other programs too. The best way for beginners to do this is to join a comprehensive VFX career course that covers all popular software and techniques. 


Blender is open source free software. For beginners, Blender is a good place to start.  It is not completely possible to achieve photorealism using Blender. And that’s why it was not quite popular among filmmakers. Blender however comes with a fully-fledged built-in compositor and production ready camera and object tracking features. 


Houdini is mainly used for dynamic simulations and particle effects. When compared to Autodesk Maya Houdini is way more less expensive. Houdini is totally node based software which allows you to refine your work in a better way and can make multiple workflows. For example Houdini used in many movies like Frozen, Pacific Rim including Disney’s Feature Fantasia 2000 etc.

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