Recently on May 13 Epic Games have Released Unreal Engine 5. Developers can be able to use it in the late next year to develop games in the latest generation consoles including the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Even unreal engine 4 is five years still it is one of the best game development platforms. Unreal Engine is the best game engine software when compared with other game development engines like Unity 3d, CryEngine, and more. So as to not fall behind the other game engines. Epic Games developing Unreal Engine 5, in which designers can create more photorealistic environments designs.

What Made Easy using UE5?

Now in Unreal Engine 5 Epic games providing Quixel Megascans library for free to use for all developers. This library allows developers to take a lot of models and materials, this reduces the time required to build that up from scratch. Also, this helps in reducing the budget spending on a game project. Because the budget of the game depends on how much time developers are spending in creating a game, So by using this Quixel Megascans library developers can reduce the time in creating the game.    


Unreal Engine is providing a new tool called MetaHumans in which you can create a fully rigged human character within minutes and also is providing free sample MetaHumans to you to try yourselves.

In this you can create your own unique character and download them, you can use in the unreal engine and also this model can be imported into other 3D application like Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max blender and much more.

Meta Sounds

This is also one of the great updates in unreal engine. Previously we used a WAV sound file wherever you want sound, but this time they have changed a lot.


MetaHumans allows you to place audio using blueprints to apply procedural generation of audio more easily in your open worlds. Instead of placing each audio file in the environment which you have created and also you will have the ability to essentially give your audio all information it needs through blueprints to fill your scene.

World Partitions and Nanite

UE5’s got a new feature called World Partition. It automatically divides your large scene down into grids and calculates streamed cells for you. It will create streamed levels separately and combining them into a final level.


Nanite is Unreal’s newest geometry streaming solution. It allows us to create enormous worlds and can create large open worlds with its worlds creation tools. It enables you to create games with wide geometric details and reduces the time in baking details to normal maps. With Nanite’s virtualized micro polygon geometry, Artists get full freedom to create as many geometric details as the eye can see. There will be no need for polygon count budgets because  Nanite scales LODs in real-time, polygon memory budgets, and draw count budgets. UE5 will itself do the job of creating LOD models to match the scene on target hardware without dropping quality. Now developers can place many numbers of objects they want in a scene. An ability that is greatly limited by current game engines


Lighting plays a key role for most of the scenes and lumens aims to solve, essentially every lighting hurdle you may face without having to stop and build your scene. Lumen offers dynamic, real-time light changes, in large scenes and immediately reacts to scene and light changes. With Lumen, it will be really quick to set up lighting and limit its behavior to precisely match your game. Real-time lighting could also lead to new gameplay ideas like a player holding a candle turning around a corner to reveal an enemy. With global illumination, game makers can expect to build all sorts of games, including physics puzzlers, dynamic action games, sandboxes of user-generated content, and many more.


Using dynamic lighting will make it easy for developers. To move light sources around during the gameplay and see the light bending around obstructions. It is quite a task to perform with the static light sources found in current engines. Lumen-powered games will immediately react to scene and light changes and we have already got a glimpse of that in the video.

UI and Workflow

UE5 brings us a beautiful interface, with a pop-up content browser. Developers will have very good experience in customizing interfaces by drag and drop windows as needed to suit your preferences. The editor comes with a new look, which contains extra functionality.

In editor controller

The developers can make more realistic character movements or immersive cut-scenes, In order to work more efficiently right from the  Sequencer and added a Motion Warping epic game added a Control Rig Feature. In order to do multiple variations of animation very quickly, you can use the Motion Warping feature.

Temporal Super Resolution

Epic Games had announced what is the use of Temporal Super-Resolution in video games. It is the new technique of upscaling lower-resolution frames to increase performance. It is a very good way of making lower resolution frames seem like higher resolution. The advantage is it will improve the framerate while keeping quality in lower-end systems.


In other applications creating or edit animation is very time-consuming. That’s why Unreal engine 5 is enhancing the animation toolset to let you author incredibly details characters right in context. Tools like Control Rig enable you to quickly create rigs and share them across multiple characters. It poses them in Sequencer and also these rigs can be applied to other characters too which will save a large amount of time.

animation work

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