Houdini for VFX

(3 Months Short Term Course)


Houdini is completely based on node editor which can be used for VFX and used in video game companies.


Houdini is used in the VFX companies because in this we can create a large amount of particles systems like water, smoke, destruction, fire effects, and much more which is used in action movies and videos games. This course covers topics like nodes and the user interface and also can be able to understand how to add and manage cameras. Know about essential modeling tools and lights in Houdini. Learn about textures and how to manually create the UV Map. Understand how to shoot videos and import videos in Houdini. Students can be able to explore the interface and build a solid base on how to use the software. Upon the completion of the program, you will learn how to use it for games also. It provides the best quality outputs of effects using particle systems. A large amount of water or any fluids effects can be made in this software which requires large system resources. Nowadays film industries are using Houdini for making large amount of destruction kind of effects. Also, It offers you to create procedural modeling and rendering basics. In this, We will be able to learn and understand motion graphics, grooming for VFX, and crowd simulation. This course covers topics like creating ropes and nails and also will be able to understand concepts like high-resolution detailing and adding vertex colors. You can create Base materials and add more details to the textures. Stargate provides how to create realistic oceans, professional explosions, rain effects, cloth effects much more which is commonly used in VFX movies and video games. you can learn common nodes, rigging shelves, and digital assets. You can learn concepts like manual weighting of points and obtain an overview of Houdini’s Bi-Harmonic capture system. Understand tools like the paint skin weights tool and understand test animation and finalizing. Understanding how to create procedural models with Houdini and scatter large amounts of foliage onto your terrains and can learn about terrain deformation, creating track layouts, and creating road lines. If you want to learn NUKE, Then click NUKE to understand in detail.


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Adv Diploma in Houdini for VFX

3 Months Short Term Course